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Great staff and great prices. Here right now getting my front rotors changed.

I have had Logan fix both my truck and car. Logan is thorough and more then fair. The fact that he comes to you to fix your car saves tons of money. We started using Logan for our fleet vehicles where i work. You can trust that Logan will take care of you and your wallet.

Great dealler treated me like gold and always willing to help if a problem occors

Had called yesterday about getting my car worked on, they refered me to hoffman auto repair which did a wonderous job on taking care of my truck.

Bob Muthreich was a great help! I love this place! Stephanie W.

The Karl Malone name doesnt do justice to this Dealership. They try to trap you into a car that doesnt work properly and then tell you that youre stuck with it. I DONT THINK SO. I walked out of there as soon as the got there car back and keys and I was gone. To where you ask, BRENT BROWN TOYOTA!

Brian was very helpful. He didn't have to even come look at my car. My car wouldn't start and his first thought was that it might not be all the way in park. I went and tried it again making sure the car was in park. It started right up. Thank you so much Brian.

For the price, these guys are the best mechanics around. I've taken my car in three times and I've always had fantastic work done for about half to.

Their knowledge and skills makes their service top quality with less delays than I expect. Their recommendatons for or against parts or repairs shows they have good judgement, and really have my best interests at heart, rather than just trying to sell me on something. Imagine being told, 'this

We went to Bob's to get an exhaust and cool air intake installed on our VW Jetta this past week and paid cash upfront for the service and parts. Their staff.

This car company dose NOT sell good cars the sold me a car with bad brakes and the cv axle was bad and the e brake didnt work they suck at customer service i would never ever buy another car with them they have a warrenty that is great if you can get your car fixed the first time it goes in

A real honest good mechanic. I have been going to Corbitt's for years and I feels like I'm taking my car to my uncle or someone I know. Once I said my truck.

EXCELLENT WORK & HONEST! I found a repair shop more valuable than GOLD, here! Ralph is very knowledgable and honest. I do not have a single complaint! VERY WORTH THE MONEY!

These guys were Honest, every on else gave me the run-a-round. Even came in under the estimated price. They were $hundreds below the competition, I'm glad I listened to Tunes when they refered Transmission City.

We have taken our vehicles here for years. They only offer satefy and emission testing, so they are not trying to sell you on other services that you probably don't need. They also accept competitors coupons. The wait is usually quite short.

Hard working, intelligent, honest. I highly recommend this mechanic, and his location is very handy from any location

James is THE most honest mechanic I have eaver dealt with. He has helped me countless times on small problems and never charged me. He just said Come back again when you have another problem. I had an issue with a wheel bearing. He replaced it 2 times at his own cost. On the 3rd time he replaced

Very impressed. Had a wonderful experience working with these guys. Staff is professional and educated. I was especially impressed with the friendliness of the staff. this is not your typical high pressure dealership!

Tampa Bay, our last residence, had very few trustworthy, capable, and knowledgeable car repair shops. When we finally found one, we were delighted! We felt comfortable leaving our cars there for repair, regular maintenance, and general advice regarding our vehicles. Then the unbearable happened-

Eric has always been great and he really fixes the problem and some. Him and is crew are honest and really helpfull.

It is imperitive that you avoid this shop. I took my vehicle in for simple repairs and ended up with thousand dollars in bills (from a competent repair shop) after Pep Boys evidently cut in to the wiring harness and basically destroyed everything electrical in the car. Nearly as bad, they we

Most honest people I have ever worked with. I needed my jeep looked at, and it was saturday (they are only open a half day.) The gentelman stayed late to check it out and was very kind to me and helpful. I would send eveyone i know to them including my own gradmother. I am confident they will

Great Service and price and most important they were Honest, I wouldn't go anywhere else

Have been to Dave's twice. If I didn't live so far away I'd return more often. Fast and courteous service. Low labor and repair rates, nice people. Recommended.

Alan and his team at Utah imports did a great job on my car. I had taken it to Firestone and mentioned a rattle a couple of times, but they had not seen anything wrong. Alan found the problem (from a factory error), fixed it and also did some routine maintenance. Really helpful and fairly priced.

Computune of Provo is very honest and good at what they do. I appreciate Scott who is the owner or manager. He has given me good deals on my car work. Thanks Computune

Day 20 my first oil changeso over 3000 miles already? i went to walmart to get it done but they told me it would be over a 2 hour wait. basically they.

Ive been taking my cars to these guys for a few years and I have never been so confedent or comfortable with a mechanic in my Life!

Got my a/c checked out. They did exactly what they said they would for the price they quoted me without trying to take advantage. Like I said only been there once but the manager was a nice guy and came across to me as being honest and up front. Something I rarely find in my dealings with repair

Every one was very rude. I got hung up on twice. And no one there is work apporpreate I would never get my car done there ever

We purchased a new Kia Sorento and our sales person Brian McCrea was very good and helpful. The title person (Jamie or Jamey?) leaves a lot to be desired. She really has no clue how to do the job and really should find other employment. Preferrably where she doesn't have to deal with people

These guys are great! They towed my car from southern Utah, Panguitch I think it was, for free. Fixed the clutch on my Subaru and got me on the road back to Denver. I only missed one day of fishing.

This is a A-1 quality shop! I would trust them with my life!

We had quotes for a $400 job, and we went to Hundley's and they did a great, fast job for $180.00 We will go back again to get a tune up.

These guys were great. They gave me now hassles and the best prices! I highly recommend them!

Mark Miller really does have great service! I bought my car there in 2005 and I had a great salesperson, Dave LaCourse. We found out recently that Dave.

This review is for the Jag service department. The service managers there are the nicest guys you can imagine and they have the belief that every customer should be made happy. However, I've had only 2 problems with my XK8, but I've had to take it in 5 times because something is always messed

I just took my car to Ray's for the first time, and I am so pleased with them. I took it in for an oil and air filter change as well as an overall assessment to okay it for a road trip. Even though they were super busy, they finished up after a couple hours. The customer service is SUPER good,

They have a fast, affordable, and excellent service. i was very pleased with the easy (normally dreadful) experience of getting my car repaired.

I bought a new car there about 2 years ago, I wouldn't say it was a good experience - it's was only average. I shopped around and I got a better price from Willey Honda. When I told Ken Garff what Willey offered, they met the price reluctantly but they haven't been very good to work with in

Just look at the cars lined up for work here. That is a testiment of quality work and honest diagnosis and repair. I had a problem with my 1970 Lincoln Continental. They rebuilt carbureator for under $300 (1998)! I was extremely impressed with the price. Another time the wielded the manifold

About a a two years ago, I went to all tune & lube for a?cheap? oil change. The service I received was better than anywhere else. Since then I have taken all my cars to them and have alls ways been treated right Unlike other repair shops, they have never tried to sell me a part or service that

Jeff Davis is honest and ethical. I received a quote for 1,000.00 from a competitor of his and about crapped my pants. I brought it to Jeff for a second opinion and repair. I was so happy with the price (150.00) that when I picked up my car I dropped a second one off for repairs. With the savings

I have a 1995 Defender 90 that has had the problems that all British cars have, many. The guys at Regent Street are D-90 pros and will get your off road.

I dropped my 535i off in january to have a head gasket replaced. It took a while to get the car back but it was certainly a lot cheaper than dropping it off at the dealership.

I first came across these guys when I was taking on the task of rebuilding an old Jeep manual transmission on my own, and they were the only people in the.