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I went with my father to pick up his vehicle after getting it fixed. My family has been seeing Jerry for a while and never disappoints. He takes the time to thoroughly explain what's going on, what he found, and what he fixed. Honest man! We don't even live in West Chester, but we make the

I took my car to Keystone after I was having some issues caused by a poor stereo installer. Jerry at Keystone was able to diagnose the issue and found out that my car thought it was being stolen. He removed the poor wiring and watched the car over a few days to ensure that the problem didn't

THESE GUYS ROCK! My car broke down while traveling through a near by town on a canoe trip, and they were the nearest shop. They went out of their way to accommodate my schedule, and ended up fixing my car for pretty cheap. Super honest, would definitely recommend them.

CLASSIC BODY WORX are people you can deal with. They did GOOD job on my car body repair work.

These guys are great. They tell you what is wrong and give you a price and how long it will take to fix. I had some problems with my BMW 325i and these guys took their time to fix it. Even when I had to bring it back they didn't charge me a thing. These guys are fair and worth their weight

I've dealt with them and have had good quality service at a decent price.

I have used firestone at turner for the last 2-3 years. Very good service and nice people. Worked on my fleet van and family cars. Always fair prices and keep me updated on what needs to be done on my vehicles before the dealership. I will continue to use them.

Enormis started out as a convenient place for me to get car stereo questions answered. I quickly found out that they were not my fathers car audio store. I was like a kid in a candy store once I got inside. There were radios, gps, remote car starters, speakers and amps. So I did what any red

After getting burned at AAMCO and Arbogast(they put in wrong pick-up screen and some of my old,dry-rotted seals and left out a couple bell housing bolts saying they were never there!). Trupps showed me those BAD parts too!, I decided to look up a friend from high school.Thomas Trupp.#1 for

There is a good possibility that the service is nothing spectacular or better than another place, and my lack of car knowledge makes me think these guys are.

J&M - Joe is one of the last honest mechanics around, he's the best! he can fix anything and won't overcharge you.

These guys are so honest and reliable I'd recommend them to anyone over their dealer. They don't try to rip anyone off and have the best prices in town for.

I have trusted my cars' maintenance to Jeff's for many years. They are very dependable. I have never had a problem. A couple of years ago I moved from.

Murrysville Auto Clinic's motto is we repair the relationship between you and your car. WOW is that ever true? You must stop in and set up your.

Super Quick is super friendly and super cheap. Go! Hard to find on a mini road off DeKalb though.

I have not been here in a couple of years, but it was always top-notch for me. Service ok but repairs were not bs or overinflated.

Dave was very helpful and repaired my car that others much more local to me couldn't.I will make sure that he gets all my non-warranty business from now.

Keystone has an amazing sales staff (polite, professional, informed) and by far the best service department I have ever encountered. If you are within 200.

When I went home to Philly for holiday break, we needed a couple things done with the old Camry we have. Putting on a new mirror and door lock, and run an.

The manager was polite, helpful, willing to give us a fair price. What's not to like?

Ive always gotten good service out of these guys. They have several tow trucks for all sorts of vehicles. On the downside, sometimes the owner is the only.

Once you find a good mechanic you hold on tight like a starved boa constrictor. Tony, Bonnie, and the gang took great care of my car and my wallet; quick,.

This is an old school VW shop. I used to take my 1978 Westy there and he worked wonders on it! The mechanic's name is Savich and he's been working on VW's.

The folks at Mobile Auto Care are top notch. They are honest, friendly, and will work their hardest to save you mucho dinero.They provide excellent.

My family's favorite garage. He won't tell you he needs to replace anything that doesn't need fixing, and he's been really helpful before diagnosing.

I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to doing research. Over the course of the last few months, I've been reading car reviews and looking up cars for sale.

New front brakes from driving like a New York City cab driver: $142New Spark Plugs: free since I'm such a stellar clientHaving a mechanic that I.

What can I say about Don Rosen Imports? Well, that they are AWESOME. From the first time I stepped into the dealership 12 years ago till I bought my 2nd car.

B & W is a medium size, independent auto repair shop. These guys have never steered me wrong. I've gone for state inspections as well as repairs. I've never.

Stan Moyer and crew can be trusted to do great work on your car.They never oversell me on services I don't need, they work with my schedule, they have a.

I just left my job in Ambler and one of the biggest bummers will be leaving this great mechanic. I went here for a little over 5 years and never had a bad.

When I lived in New Tripoli, this is where I took my cars for service. Both where owned by me, and well outside of manufacturer's warranty. They got good.

Honest and knowledgeable mechanic who specializes in German automobiles (especially Mercedes & BMW).Charges 1/2 of what dealer does. Only downside are.

John Kettelle is a Great Mechanic.He is honest and does great quality work.we trust him with all our cars, and have done so for over 18 years.If you have.

I have had the good fortune to use Friedman's various services many times and I have always been quite pleased. Yours,Ed Flanagan

I have been going to CJ's for tires for years. Here is the bottom line, unless you want something unique this is the place for tires. Every time a friend.

Laconic, but quick, honest, inexpensive, knowledgeable - well worth the hour's drive from Phoenixville. Alas, they do exhaust only, otherwise I'd be.

Bob is everything a mechanic should be. Takes the time to explain stuff, gives an itemized estimate that's on the dot, doesn't try to do stuf you don't need, etc. He fixed a lttle thing on my car, no charge, just because he saw it was broken. Always fits you in when you need to bring in the

I took my car there and they did a fabulous job I definately reccommend A B Towing for any body work needed on your car or any of your towing needs

I have been going to Spustas Auto Center for over 12 years for state inspections and repairs. Tim and his staff have always been helpful and courteous. making suggestions on repairs / preventave maintenance that have saved me time and money. I would suggest Spusta Auto Center to Anyone.

Good Pricing, Reliable, Fast Service. I always receive honest and fair service at Wright's Garage. I've never had a breakdown since following Wright's service recommendations.

J&J Motors are my automotive heros. It all started when I lived around the corner a few years ago. My car at the time, a Mazda MX-3, developed a fast oil.

It's so hard to find a trustworthy mechanic. One that won't take advantage of the uninformed car owner and tack on a few hundred bucks for the ubiquitous.

I can confirm that Richard is both a great guy and a great mechanic. After trying several other auto repair shops in the area, I settled on Richard almost.

No reason to buy a car anywhere else. Most economists will tell you to never buy a new car because of the immediate depreciation in value. Cars at Car Sense.

Great Service, Work is exceptional!HONEST and FAIRSent friends and my mother to Dom'sGreat on VW ( save on going to dealer, better quality work)

I had never needed a radiator repaired before, so I didn't know much about it. I shopped around, and John was not only the nicest repairman I spoke with, he also gave me a great price quote. He said it would take about 4 days to get parts etc, but, called me in 2 days to tell me my car was

I'll never go back. I called to see what time they were open until on a Saturday, and they said 12:00. I drove 70 miles, got there at 11:00, and the place was closed.

The staff is very friendly and though it took me a number of hours to get from start to finish, due to finanancing being the big issue, they maintained a level of professional and friendly behaviour that you do not often see in dealers. I have not had a bad experience with them, the warranty

In a world gone mad.a man can still get his oil changed and have it just the way he likes it. On time and under budget. Great score! If I go into too.