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Large bill for a water pump replacement. It was over $600 in parts and labor. Don't be fooled!! It is not cheaper at this place. I should have checked before letting W&W do the work. It was $300 less in Lawton. Had the car for 3 days on a job that was only 4 hours and left two bolts out when

Steer clear and find a honest mechanic.

They also have www.kingsunauto.com Very reputable shop

I've been calling my car Lazirus because it was slowly but surely dying on me and falling apart. Thank God for Goodyear in Downtown, Oklahoma City. They were able to raise my Lazirus up, take me to work, and pick me up, all before 5:30 p.m. the very same day! I'm not taking my car to anybody

We looked in the phone book and found KC Auto was the closest Auto Shop we could find. One of our cars broke down and KC fixed it within a day. It was a bit pricey mainly becuase the car was a newer model. Of course, I paid a cheaper price on my Truck's starter replacement because it was an

I have had great service from Norman Chrysler. I have bought 3 vehicles from them over the past several years and my son and his wife have bought 2. We have always been treated excellently during the sales process and have gotten great service after the sale.

For years he has been in the same location. This mechanic has a fantastic reputation! Earl and Jack are very knowledgeable. They are friendly and are reasonably priced for repairs!

This is a great store. My elderly uncle bought tires at wal mart store and could not figure out why his truck was bouncing all aver the road at 50 mph. Come to find out the tires were full of water because they didn't drain the water from thier air compressor. Long story short Robertson Tire

Good team that pays attention to the details. I have used them as the fleet servicing center for 15 vehicles and they have been consistently reliable.

If your tired of waiting and want it fast then this is the place. great service very helpfull and fast, I needed 2 tires for my van after wating at wallie world for 3 hours just to be told it would be anouther couple of hours till they got to my van I went to T&G and 30 min later I was back

Great Deals on auto parts: Hello People i have several older cars and the only place i can find everything i need is at pull a part they have two Great counter guys Ollie & Steve that Can point you in the direction you Need. The Yard is Clean and Well Kept Check out there oldies Section in

I used Encinas with my first car for years and the price was always better than what the dealership could've offered. The service was always top notch. The customer service was always 5 star. They've always tried to get me taken care of as soon as possible, explained the issues with the car

Great shop. Won't ever go anywhere else for muffler/exhaust work. I've taken three separate cars(gto, vette, gto) to them probably a total of 6 times for different exhaust setups over the past 2 years. They always fit me in, have great prices for welds, and most important to me.they let me

Hello I am unsure if I am doing this right. I am looking for a Transmission for a 91 grand prix or even to rebuild mine. My car was stolen out of my drive way last night and when i got it back I had to go all the way to Vernon Tx to get my car when I got there my Transmission was out I could

I have dealt with steve for the past 4 or 5 years. he has never overcharged me. many times the final charge has been significantly less than his estimate. he does not do anything unauthorized. they can be a little slower than some big name places but i trust them implicitly. gene woodard

I have used Rick's for a number of years and he has always done me right! He is an honest fair man and backs his work like no other.

I liked that they did a good job in my car.

GREAT people to work with!. My car broke down on the way to OKC, it was freezing outside!. and i had my two kids with me. the did not waist any time at all getting out to me, they even sent the OWNERS DAUGHTER out to pick me and my kids up so we would have room! (we wouldnt fit in the wrecker)

I have www.builderstransmission.com and I've had Jeff work on several of my customers cars. He is honest, good person and a great mech. I highly recomend!

Everything great,,in and out, thry known what there doing thanks guys

We travled from mena to tulsa and our van broke down. Jerry's was really great! they dropped us off and fixed our van asap! Thanks Jerry!

Great service, fast, friendly, and competent! Manager asked all the right questions and went out of his way to solve the problem even though it was a holiday.

Great work at the best price, but mainly the honest place in town. Rusty only charge for repairs that need to be done with your approveal first

Roger is up front with prices and the time it will take for the repairs. I had a Kia van that was a complete lemon and it would have been much worse if I had not found a mechanic of this quality. Thanks Roger!

This is a very good auto place. well i'm the daughter og the owner. love it.

Kevin and his crew really work hard to take care of the customer's wishes. Really a great place if one is waiting on ones vehicle. They seem to enjoy working together, and answering all questions. Kevin and his folks are not the pushy type. Like alot of places seem to have become. They learn

The mechanics are great and friendly. The owner, Lynn, makes sure the customers are taken care of and no corners are cut in the repairs of your vehicle. Top notch work.

I have used them for 3 different cars and they fixed the cars in a timely manner. Sometimes I would bring a car in with multiple things wrong and it would be done before lunch. The best thing about it was once they fixed it I wouldn't have to bring it back in for the same thing. The staff is

Mike is a great guy, very honest and dependable. After trying several other shops, I am in complete agreement that Superior Imports is the best in Tulsa. This is the first shop I have ever been too where I was told I didn't need something I thought I did. Mike takes care of his customers and

I have had various autos in to A & B to be fixed or checked out. They have consistently gotten the work done quickly, and usually for less than I expected to pay. They explained everything thoroughly, and didn't start work I didn't order until they contacted me. I highly recommend them.

Ron, Big Tom and Little Tom all go out of their way to make sure the job is done right the first time at a reasonable cost. Consider them to be more of a pit crew then just mechanics. Great bunch of guys.

I have been a client of Swanson's for two or three years and have found their service superior in every respect. I get honest advice on every question I ask. They tell the truth when it is against their interest: Do I need to replace these tires? No, they are completely safe and you don't need

I've taken several cars here and have always been very impressed with their work, prices and honesty. On more than one occasion they have called to tell me that my car did not need as much work as I thought or that even a minor adjustment fixed the problem and only charged me a few dollars.

It is rare to find a great mechanic that you can trust! This is the one!

Best Honda Repair around for Time, Service and The Money!

We have taken both of our cars to Advantage and the owner, Jason, has always charged VERY fair prices and I've never had a problem with any of the work they've done. They are really great! We were new to the area and just happened to find Advantage and have been happy with our service. They

Great shop. Very thorough, precise, has fast service and most importantly HONEST. It does not hurt that their prices are reasonable too.

My auto has been in under warranty 6 times in 12 months for the same problem. After contacting corporate and taking to another Aamco location, only to find out that the 41st store put a transimission in my auto that did not fit and broke the motor mounts to get it in. The auto has sat at their

I have used Metro Glass on many occasions with great service and fair prices I'll continue to go back. Dana is very professional and patient with customers who ask stupid questions.

I called Lawson to get information about a repair on my Cadillac. The service department was very helpful with information even though I was not having the repair done in their shop. If I ever buy a new Cadillac. They will get my business!

They did very good work! And they were reasonable and curteous. I have sent some of my family there already. I highly recommend this place to have your work done!

He is a genius at what he does. I'd gladly pay double what he charges - which is much too little!

Great people with good service. Quality of work was lacking though. Make sure you check EVERYTHING when you pick up your vehicle. We found leaky valve stems, loose lug nuts, loose trim parts, missing valve caps, etc. Company vowed to make it right.

I recently went to Big O this past weekend for a wheel bearing replacement. The staff was exceptional. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. The mechanic took time to show and discuss with me what exactly was wrong with my car and how it would be fixed. The receptionist was

I went to Hibdon to get a leaking tire fixed. The technician showed me a crack in the tire rim which needed to be repaired and was causing the tire to lose air. Since I had to get the rim fixed or replaced, he put the tire back on and said when I get a new rim or the old one is repaired Hibdon

Ian's is the best mechanic I've ever taken my car to. I was referred to him and I feel so comfortable taking my car there. He's honest, he tells you what needs to be done and gives you options. He still tells you what he feels is best, but never tries to pressure you into the more expensive

They were very honest and informative, with fast and friendly service! would highly recommend to anyone

Bill is the best mechanic I have ever seen. He doesn't charge you for things that don't need fixed. He is very honest, and his shop rates are very reasonable. He's worked on my family's cars for over 10 years and does a great job! Thanks Bill, James

They do a great job. We used them to check out some used cars before we bought them and we were able to steer clear of some lemons. The one we ended up buying needed some work anyway and their actual price came in under the estimate! They do a good job are fast and use OEM parts where they

In 1998 i had a car fixed by this place. 1 1/2 hrs later and 100 miles after having a new engine put into my car for 4000 bucks the thing up and died. blowing oil all over the road. i called dunn up and asked him to pay the tow fare back he said yes but when i got to his place he refused to