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Very happy with the professional and expert services provided by Dent Impressions. Would visit again in need and recommend to all.

Iíve had multiple repairs and maintenance work done to my 2004 Chevy Impala SS, including factory warranty repair. I will not take my car back to an Auto Dealer, as they cannot come close to the level of personalized service and professionalism experienced at Philís Auto! I would highly recommend

Poor Customer Service, lousy warranty, and a don't care attitude. After purchasing a tire there, bringing it in to resolve a slow leak, I had a blow-out. I brought the blown tire in to be told that they won't honor the warranty, because it had already been patched (Even though THEY did the

Very happy indeed with the car wash. Repairs are very expensive. they charge virtually the same hourly labor rate as OEM garages.

I first started out talking to Gilly online about a Saturn Vue-What great communication-he offered to bring a Vue to our place(2 hours away!) so we could test drive one. So he sent Becky out with a Vue and loved it! Bought one and Becky drove it to us the following week. She was a EXCELLENT

I have always felt that Jerry and the guys in back treat me honestly and price me fairly. I don't always like how much things cost, but I've never felt that they're trying to rip me off.

Friendly, Honest Service! This week I took my car here to fix a broken coil spring. They called me 30 minutes after I dropped it off to give me my estimate and to tell me when I could pick it up. They quoted me a price far less than I though it was going to cost, and never tried to up sell

This is the only place I will ever get my car fixed in MN. I had my brakes done there monday for incredibly cheap, and it is hands down the best result i.

Tim is great. Another shop told me that the engine computer on my Grand Cherokee was bad and I had to go to a dealer to get it replaced. That would have been $600+ for parts plus labor. I called Tim to have it towed. He said nuts, it can't be anything I can't fix so I let him take a wack at

If you are looking for a friendly, low-pressure car dealership than Muscatell KIA is the place for you. I have dealt with sales, service and the bodyshop and have found them all to be friendly, honest and fair!

They won't give you a quote over the phone. Pretty horrible way to do business. They might be cheap but I'm not driving down there just for a quote so I'll just find someone who is willing to work.

Excellent mechanics. Very honest about the work they do. The owner of the garage, Jeremy, is always willing to help save on costs by finding used parts for.

I just had my brakes replaced at this location. What can I say? Great Service, the manager, Richie got me right in without and appointment and took care of my 2006 Ford Explorer. Their prices were very reasonable and the warranty offered there is 2nd to none. They offer an extended warranty

Fast service, reliable, high-quality work, friendly people.

Hoff Auto Repair does excellent work at very reasonable rates. These guys have done major repairs like replacing transfer cases on my truck and had me back on the road in just a day or two. And for much less than I'd pay at the stealership. Would highly recommend to friends and family. Thanks

Absolutely top rate, honest-as-the-day-is-long mechanics. A few years back I purchased a vintage 1973 motorhome. This fine vehicle is powered by an.

Ahhhh.this is luxury! The fountains, the plush furniture, oversized floral arrangements, crystal chandeliers, marble everywhere, fancy-pants young.

I have been doing business here since it opened. Service is honest and complete, even if you don't want to hear it.

I think that this shop is one of the most honest shops out there. They are a great group of guys that treat you like family, even when you are from out of town. They will do their best to get you on the road and running again. I have NEVER had any issues when I bring my car to them! I have

Ed was a very honest mechanic. He explained everything that was wrong with my car. Prices very affordable and work was better than expected. Best place to go in Southern MN.

This guy is a great Motorcycle/Small Engine Mechanic thats very honest,He'll take your machine anytime,tear it down,fix and have it back to you ASAP

And that is part of the problem. If you miss your shuttle to the airport, they not only DO NOT care, and give you attitude to boot (nice customer service skills, ya wench!) but they will send you a cab, for TWICE the price of the shuttle. Last shuttle out of downtown gets you to the airport

They are great at repairing tires, one time they forgot to do one of my tires but they put it on for free. Out of three tires (three different visits) that was the only negitive experiance. The last one was done in under an hour.

Good fast service great prices great people, they do radiators, customizing, gas tanks, A/C,customizing, tubes and hoses custom bent, and much more

Terry's shop has been a great place to take all our vehicles. Totally honest and reliable. 2 thumbs up!

Great place with a very profesional shop. the best gas station in town.i get every thing done there. oil chages are just as cheap if not cheaper than jiffy lube and other places. i recamend tha you should go there. it is the only gas station in twon with full service pumps. all the people that

Darrell's Repair is very trustworthy, we have been taking our cars there for over 20 years.

Stopped here to gas up my rental car on the way back to the Airport. Convenient - it's right before the entrance onto Interstate 35W South.

Super honest, independent repair shop. Techs are ASAE certified. Shop is also AAA rated, and AAA doesn't give those ratings away. If you car is feeling.

I love these guys! They are always willing to squeeze me in for an oil change at the last minute, they never dick you over or try to charge you extra, and.

These guys might have a small space, but they know what they are doing. I have lived in Minneapolis for 2 years, and after trying out 3 different garages (Stinson, Uptown, and Bradan), I found T & T is the best. Price range is reasonable and they don't fix anything you don't need. With small

Overcharged me 2X on Stereo compnents calling it a deal. Upcharged for items i didnt need. Sale priced items were over $30 more than what was being sold at the south Firestone store or online. Will never go there again.

They don't sell you something you don't need. A friend of mine recommended them for an issue I was having with my Saab. It turned out to be something wrong with my transmission that only Saab has the access codes to diagnose, so they told me that it could be one of a couple of problems but

This team gets the job done. They are straight to the point when ya tell them the issue. They are cost conscience. I give them four stars only because I rarely give five

How can you go wrong when the manager's name is Herb? Herb and his crew will do right by you. I like this place because you get the best of both worlds-the.

Steve is fantastic, and has gone out of his way to give excellent customer service and honest opinions, prices and work. He's gone above and beyond what any other mechanic I've ever used has and he has always been helpful and open about my options. When I first moved to MPLS I used Autopia

I love this place! The guys here really know what they are doing. I brought my 2003 Chevy Malibu in because it needed a new fuel pump, and Drew did a great job and did it for much cheaper than I expected, and much cheaper than the other estimates I got! I also asked him to look at my bearing

Keep up the good work, I'll only take my car to Joe's Auto Care!

At first I was really excited that I was working a company that offered credit to people who need it. I waited the first day for over two hours, and after one car that they tried selling me, which was worse then anything that I could have possibly imagined, I was promised that they were working

Prompt service but 100% markup on parts above and beyond there hourly charge. They told me it was a 2 hour repair based on my price for parts I figure they made 300 dollars an hour off of me. Typical for metro area mechanics but still disappointing. Aside from price otherwise service was good

Talk to Todd he'll give you the lowdown on your vehicle. If it aint worth fixing he is gonna give it to you straight. The name says it all folks. If you.

I went to this mechanic shop to get my car fixed, it was making this crazy noise when I turned the steering wheel. They were so nice and explained to me what the deal was, it was a problem in my steering system of course, and they made it right. I hate car problems and hate having to deal with

We went to the dealership trying to decide between three vehicles. All Mercury's. The salesman was very helpful, no pressure, allowing us to make up our mind, decision on the vehicle that best suited our needs. Very helpful and very informative.

With these guys. I have foreign cars. so it is tough to find good help in my part of the world. These guys fixed my VW no prob!

I hit a deer over the weekend, called Bergin Auto Body on Monday morning they got my car in right away, I had it back by Friday as they had said. There have a very helpful staff, and they did great work. I would recommend this place to anyone.

I am anti-car shopping. So anti-car shopping, in fact, that the last time I needed a new car, I paid someone else to do all the research, negotiations, etc,.

I've brought my car here a number of times and had a very good experience with Imported Car Service. I have always gotten great information from them and they have twice fixed simple things for me on spot, without charge, or explained how to do it myself! An asset to the industry. Recommended

I've been using Tom for years. Any time I have a problem of any kind I go right to him and he repairs it quickly. His prices are higher than some but fair for the quality.

I live in Chicago and I drive to Bloomington, MN to Twin City Tire for my auto & SUV tires. I lived in Bloomington many years ago an I have not been to a finer or more professional business in my life. These Guys know tires and I wouldn't trust my life or my families to anyone else. Do yourself

Whenever I need a minor auto repair, I usually go to Brausen. The dealers are too expensive and too slick willy for my taste. The guys at Brausen are down.