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I just tried went to this Chevron to get a nail out a tire on my car. They were going to do it in 5 minutes.however, the nail was in a place (not in the tread, but more on the side of the tire) they couldn't fix. The mechanic got a second opinion, but he agreed with his daughter. She added

Awesome job on the repair my wife's Suv. Fast, prompt service, the car was deliverd to our house, and we even watched the car being repaired online! Great job!

This is the number one place in Owensboro to buy tires. Simply the best

I purhased a remington electric chiansaw manufactured according to the tag by desa this has been a exellent product for my needs

We regularly take our cars here for routine oil changes and minor repair work. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly and the prices are reasonable.

Can't recommend these guys enough if you have a honda, toyota, or Acura.Buddy is great on the phone, and my pal Mark's working in the back of the shop.

Very nice people,great worker,they make you feel right at home Keep the work up guys.

My husdand n i just love the service at this one the guys r real nice they treat us with respect n they always makes us laugh

Reports on this business were good from the comunity. I went there and was pleased with their work. They were knowledgeabe and most important I had the feeling of trust. That is rare these days.

Best garage i have ever been to. the people and service are great. had the lowest prices around

I have never had any bad experiences when using Johns as my auto repair service.

The employees were all friendly and efficiant. They got my car back on the road quick.

Great guys they can fix anything i can break and thats sayin something lol

If you're looking for Ford Y-block parts, Tom's a Y-block racer with much experience.

You cannot find a more honest and great mechanic. I took my car to Curran's for some work after not finding a trust worthy mechanic in the area. They where excellent at doing the work right the first time and making sure to get my car up and running again! AAAAAA+++++++++

This place has good and honest work. They always give you an explanation and tell you the best way to keep your car in great shape. I definitely recommend going here.

Everyone is always friendly and the price is fair. I enjoy the conveneince of this location!

Vadim the owner, is a very honest upfront kinda guy. I bough an car from him about a year ago and could'nt have been happier with how I was treated. From personal experience he is a very knowledgeable and honest mechanic as well. He seems to have a high knowledge of the Mitsubishi eclipse and

These guys at collision tech are it for body work and paint for the price. If you need help ask mike and he can get it done. i would not take my car or truck anywhere else. because they stand behind there work and workmanship, this is the truht.

43 years expierence in auto body repair, refinishing,and frame repair.Excellent paint matching,working with the insurance companies and the customer on a fair and reasonable price without shirking on quality. FREE ESTIMATE. WELCOME TO SOUTHGATE AUTO BODY INC.

Unbeatable prices and services. Customer for life!

Drove up to the body shop. Help came right away. Kevin the machanic was right there working on my leak. I would recommend butch's auto center to anyone! Thanks alot guys!

They have very competitive rates and get the job done.

I had brake calliper bolts left loose in Wisconsin - causing our brakes to fail 30-min. west of Lexington (where my sister lives) at 1 AM the day before Easter Sunday. AAA towed us to Midas. They diagnosed the problem, fixed everything well, encouraged me to come in, explained everything, suggested

The guys at this shop are very good at their job and treated me great. I would recomend this shop to everybody. Their prices are great too

Bought 2 new tires, had front end allignment done and new tire put on, in 4 months the outside corners were wore off. Took it to Big O. Another front end allignment and set of tires it been 1 year and everthing is great. Newtons wouldn't stand behind there work after 3 months.

Better than average.fair prices and good mechanics.the pipes they use for exhaust systems are somewhat better than most muffler shops. I will NEVER go to that one that starts with m and has 5 letters can wait for the repair though they can get busy.and they allow smoking in the waiting

These people are terrible in the service Department. The Service Manager is a terribly unprofessional. He is NOT friendly or courteous! This was the most horrible service I have ever had from a dealer. I WILL NOT buy or recommend them EVER! They did not let me borrow a loaner car while I went

The work done here is marvelous! My car was fixed fast, very efficient, and clean. I feel like my car is new! If you look for a car shop in Lexington, look no further than Rosemont Auto Repair!

This place has the best staff and customer service I have ever come accros! Love you all!

I was very pleased with my transaction. They were helpful and I got a great deal.

My car was fixed quick and for half the cost I had expected to pay after getting another estimate. They were great! I will never take my car anywhere else.

Great place to go for your Toyota or Lexus maintenance and repair - this is an independent repair shop, and all they do are Toyota and Lexus. Honest, reliable, and will always treat you fairly.

These guys rock. I had a screw in my tire, that nobody else would touch. Was going to cost me $200 to replace. Happened to be griping on my cell with a family member at a local resturaunt, and one of their employees overheard. Went out to the parking lot, said they could fix it. Took the car

These guys were honest and understanding of my situation and they made it happen for 179 dollars less than anywhere else I have been! Thanks Big O!

Best repair shop I've ever dealt with. Not sure how well they handle non-Volvo cars, but they were always great with my '95 850T. Haven't used them in two.

Tremendous guys. Pricey, but worth it. Their new location on Winchester road is nice, and they can diagnose pretty much anything on any car. They prefer.

I was travelling and they helped me out tremendously! The owner gave me a ride back and forth to the hotel and it has worked great ever since! I appreciate the help! Oh, my car was a 2001 BMW.

I am a college student at Western, so I don't really know of any car places around. I needed help so I did a search and found this site with BOA. Decided to give them a try because of the good reviews. Had my car towed and it was ready the next day. Great fast service, and very honest. Ask

Great place was very friendly and helpful. My brother broke down here the day before thanksgiving and he helped us out. Five -stars

I finally found an auto repair shop that has honest and trust worthy mechanics. They don't touch you car as far as work goes untill they call you and get approval. They don't exeed your estimate with out you approval either. They are the best. Try them, you'll see they are the best!

I own a BMW, and they've always taken care of it. They are very knowledgeable from my experience. 4 out of 5 because of several misdiagnoses that ended.


Charlie's Foreign Car service is trustworthy and their fees are reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone.

They did the work during my lunch break while I waited. They are the greatest!

Can't recommend them enough.fair prices, very thorough, and they're great. Very good with anything European, and they'll dispense free advice, too.

I've been going here for over 20 years. Contrary to the ranting below, they have always treated both my daughter and wife in a courteous, professional manner. These are the ONLY people I will let touch my vintage Corvette.

Recently, I had a 6 month old tire with a slow leak. S&S Tire told me I would have to buy a new one.too bad, I didn't buy their road hazard protection on that particular tire. I stopped in Southland and they fixed it in less than 15 minutes for less than $20. Still using it. I am out of my

I have used this business for repairs on my 1994 Olds Bravada about six times. The latest experience prompted me to write a review. The Bravada has a problem with the EGR valve, part of the emission/pollution control system. The valve clogs with carbon about every 20,000 miles. Well, Kevin