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His is an unethical company. I just had work done there where they didn't stick to the quote they gave. The 1st reason I was given was there was a part installed that wasn't on the quote. They couldn't find what that part was. Then they said they painted my quarter panel of my car. Funny, I

My '91 Chrisyler LeBaron was vandalized by someone keying the door. The paint job by South Loop Auto Service was an exact match, pin striping reapplied perfectly and they even touched up a couple scratches on the bumper without even being asked. I would recommend this company without hesitation.

I have been taking my two vehicles to Greg for a number of years and have never had a problem with the work performed. I am very happy with the level of service provided at his shop.

RIP OFF!.do not go here.whoever wrote that good review for them must work there.if u dont beleive me have your car checked by someone eles then take it to chuck and bob's watch how much more they charge.and if you are female i think there door chimes MONEY!AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN.BUT YOU JUDGE

These guys are scum bag assholes there work sucks my rims came out so fucked up there was clearcoat spot that look bubbly dont use them wheels of america is better with this service. thank you al capone

Outstanding service and fair price great company. highly recommended


Thank god they stay open late I needed a battery bad! it was after close but they stayed late and got me on my way

There is nothing life changing about getting your cars oil changed, but these guys were great. They had me in and out of the place in less then 15 minutes.

The guys here took great care of me and my car. i have had 2 transmissions done from 2 different cars. The service was great and the prices are.

The professionalism and work ethics at Oak Lawn Toyota are impressive and exceptional. This dealership clearly stands out from the rest. Not only is it.

I was in my garage changing the oil for one of my cars, and I moved a box of motor oil when all of a sudden I hear BLAM! A large board of hard wood hits the.

Close family member has used the service for 4 years. Excellent service. Highly Recommended.

Every Oil Express I've ever been to is quick and expensive. But I go there because it's quick. Sometimes they give you free air fresheners and calendars.

This place is great. I have had all of my service done here for the past three years. They are very competitive with prices and are extremely honest and.

The automotive industry is notorious for succeeding in creating miserable consumer experiences - whether it is at the dealer or with auto-body shops.

Came here for service after lousy experiences with the service staff at Northbrook Toyota. What a difference driving a few miles west made! The service.

Stay away from this dealer! Not only were they dishonest from sales to financing; when I traded in my car and cancelled my GAP insurance and extended warranty, the dealership refuses to pay me my $2000. After talking with Ford Credit (our loan was financed through them), nobody could help me.

The last star is because everyone there was very nice. I brought my sweet 64 Ford Fairlane there because I thought I had a fuel line problem. they were.

I have gone to Lind Auto for years, and would recommend it to anyone. Steve Lind is everything you could want in a mechanic- he does good work and stands.

I was having problems with my girlfriend's car leaking anti-freeze so my pops & I looked at it. We thought it was something to do with the water pump and.

I had really basic work done - I had a flat and needed it fixed. Turned out to be a nail, and they removed it quick and easy. Less than 20minutes, and only.

Convenient and always quick. but they also always forget to put a new mileage sticker in the window.

Honest mechanic is not always an oxymoron! I found one when I really was in need.My old beater was leaking gas. I started finding a little puddle in the.

I am so happy about mt new Escape that I got from Golf Mill Ford. They have lists that show that the are #1 and they proved that to me. My purchase was so.

Awesome service from a handful of guys (Dirk, Andreas) that work on the cars (and own the business). I've taken two of my older, foreign cars (a toyota and.

I bought my Acura at another dealer, but I come here for the service. Edward H. sums it up very well. I drive about 25 minutes out of my way for any service.

My mom and dad take their car here whenever it needs work. They get it in and out in record timem and it's done right, they say. I have been there and the.

This is the first time I had a car serviced at a place that was not my dealer and I had a very good experience. Mike Starovich, the owner, was very good to.

Good place to go for car services. They do good oil changes. They dont charge much and they dont take long either. You dont need to make and appt, they.

These guys are great. They've always been fair about their prices and do top-notch work. It's kind of a pain to get out there to drop the car off, since I.

I love this walmart! My children 6 and 7 we eating in the subway while I shopped. I reminded tham that they could only talk to the lady greeter at the entrance. When they needed to use the restroom, the kind lady used her break time to walk them to the restroom she even waited for them. When

They unlike major tire stores like sears,firestone,and goodyear saved me $500.00 haveing resources to repair my factory aluminuim rim for the cost of $80.00

Excellent service. Never a runaround and the car is fixed correctly. Great place

Great service and completely honest and dependable. We've been longtime customers and couldn't recommend them any more highly. Keep up the great work!

Other places wanted to charge a lot more to put a new transmission in my car. Amigos' Auto repair was the cheapest around. They did a great job and I haven't had any problems with my car. Just try them and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Went there to get my O2 sensor replaced. they seems very experienced in changing these things. Earlier I went to a Mieneke shop and they could,nt get the O2 sensor out. So the guy there tells me the cat converter is clogged any way and the WHOLE exhaust system needs replaced for over 600 buck.

Best service with clean shop and friendly staff

This place is great. The staff are always so friendly. The prices are real reasonalable. You get a fair deal. Ask for Pat or Derick,they won't steer you wrong.

I no longer live in Chicago, but when I did, I ALWAYS took my imports to Europa Import. No matter what make, what model, Europa will know exactly how to.

The best feeling in the world? Living in Chicago for a few weeks, and walking out to your car to see your rear window smashed in at 7am. We got online and.

This is a friendly, professional shop that does just exhaust and suspension work. The owner is likely to be the one to talk to you about the job quotation.

Overdue on both of our cars for an oil change and checkup, disgusted with local car service shops' high ($75-100/hr) labor rates and an oil change/5000 mile.

I took my car here to get fixed after a car accident. Someone had suggested this place because they had randomly heard that they had a great service.

McGrath makes me feel good. Okay, so I still have an old car but the service department makes it feel like i'm driving a new model. Plus they are.

I love this place. It is reasonable, they have loaners, they do good work and they are completely down to earth. I called them after getting a big quote.

Sister shop of Maas Auto on 55th Street, this Maas Auto focuses more on brake repairs. Nervous John heads up this store, and he is a great person to deal.

We own a lot of cars and have been to several places in the area. United always has fair rates and above that they're good HONEST people. They don't try.

I believe a good mechanic is more important than a good doctor. Charley is probably the best & definitely the most honest mechanic I ever went to. He will.

I needed brakes. So I called the dealer and asked how much? No need to go there. I called Gamboas and they quoted a fair price. I prefer to support local.