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I recently bought a new Hyundai from Bronco Motors Hyundai and could not have been any happier. The entire staff was very friendly and informative. I will continue to buy all of my new and used cars and trucks from Bronco Motors. Thanks Bronco!

I read a review on this garage that was pretty good, so i took a chance. Glad we did. It's hard to find an honest shop nowadays. I thought my daughters car needed belts replaced, but they just needed tightened. they could have ripped me off, but were honest instead. They will get my buisness

The guys at Midas did a wonderful job they were able to find a problem that no one else in town could find

Got a flat tire this weekend. Big O has always been the go to place here in Pocatello. They were very nice and called to tell me that I would have to replace the tire instead of getting it repaired because the hole in it was too big. They gave me the choice of a used tire or a new. Which was

Have found them friendly, honest and quick. I highly recommend them to all.

We went looking to test drive a Mazda 3. We were wanting to replace our two-door with a four-door. We got more than we bargained. Instead of just test-driving a car, we ended up buying a car. Their policy is honesty and they show you all the numbers, including the price they bought the car

I had my 93 honda repaired at this shop about 6 years ago they did an excellent job! I would recomened them to anyone, dont go to C and L, poor workmanship.

I had a great experience with KAR. Very knowledgeable and courteous. Also, I didn't feel like they took me for a ride financially. Good pricing

Had some work done they were right on the ball and right on the price they qouted me very courtious and cleanly will go back again.

I have a 1976, 808 Mazda Miser. Mike and the guys at Maz-Tech have kept it running great for the last 20 years. Great service and Great people, you can't go wrong!

B.J. is the best. He took his time to explain patiently what he felt would be best for my car and my daughter's car. Even though he could have made more money by selling me tires I really didn't need, I will make sure I come back for other things because he was so honest with me. Women have

Vary happy i think this place is veary good priced fast helpful. and they ask before they do any thing big plus

Carl's Auto Repair provides honest, effective service. The last time I had my 2003 Toyota Sequoia serviced at Carl's, I suggested a service that Carl felt.

Cheryl will bend over backwards to have your business. She is frequently able to serve your needs on a Saturday too. Her email is


Working with Jerry is always a pleasure, I always have the comfort of knowing that I will get fast reliable service.

Small town repair shop. i took my car over there and they were pretty ok. the service was fast.

Honest shop with a reputable past. I know several people that have taken their cars to Jeff and nobody ever has a negative thing to say about him. I've taken my last 3 cars to them and they always do a great job

We have used this service for years-we have NEVER been disappointed in the quality of work or cost. When comparing the cost of work with other automotive places, Dietz has competitive prices. A coworker of mine agrees. There are some loyal customers here for a reason-excellent work for reasonable

These guys are great. He helped me out over the phone! I had messed up something doing it myself, called him and he walked me through it. I have even used him to do the fixing too. They do seem to take their time,so don't plan on having it the next day, but it always works. As the attage goes

Bill is an honest, hard-working auto mechanic with a wealth of knowledge and a quick sense of humor. Great experience with them on an engine replacement project. Cost $1000 less than any dealer and Bill even shared a beer with me when I came to pick up the car. Class act.

On our way out of Boise, we happened to have some biodiesel problems with my husband's truck. Coincidentally, we stopped in a Wal-Mart parking lot and.

The guys at boise muffler know what they are talking about and don't try to sell you something you don't want, or over charge the people. you get what you pay for, and nothing is done with out your OK. GOOD WORK GUYS

It took me 4 months to get my Infinity serviced. just a couple minor dents. The experience began with poor (actually rude) service, continued with paint mismatching and my having to miss work repeatedly to bring the car back, and ended (4 months later) with me and my insurance company finally

NOT your typical used car people! I was really impressed! Definately an excellent choice for purchasing used or slightly used vehicle. Parts and service is real down to earth also.

Very honest, integral; highly recommended

I am an employee at Broadway Ford here in Idaho Falls. We do 99.9% of our tires, service, wheels, lift kits and accessories through Big o on Northgate Mile. They have provided me and my customers with nothing but 120% customer service. Not only are they quick with service orders but they offer

My Mercedes wouldn't start and had it towed to Eurosport.Our first visit there. Within two hours I was driving away for less than I was quoted for repair.These people have a clean high end facility and get the job done! The best auto repair service we have ever experienced.

Reliable service, great customer service, answer questions directly no yada yada! I brought my vehicle to their shop after the first shop strongly recommended a $500+ repair. Rich auto suggested $0, and 2000 miles later Rich's suggestion (after couple of dollars diagnostics) was correct. Honest,

Dan Kelly and his guys waste no time in figuring out exactly what you need, explaining it to you in an easy way, and letting you make the choice. Service is quick, you wont be waiting on your vehicle for several days. They get you and out. Probably even faster now that they have expanded their

Asome people. good work. I have always been happy with this buisness and they are my first choice when i need work done.

Good reliable service, thorough in his work and honest in his dealings. We trust him!

This company know service, If they don't have the parts you need they will point you to some other company like red neck trailer to help you out and the guys behind the counter know there stuff THANKS GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Great to deal with. Never felt cheated. Will recommend to friends.

Way over priced and didnt fix the the car as of many others i know

They tried to give me thousands of dollars below N.A.D.A. & Blue Book value for my trade in.

If you need work done in the Idaho Falls Area you can't beat this place! John will take great care of you. I'm a local in this area and this is the only place I'll take my motorhome.

This shop has exceeded my expectations time and again. when i needed my car repaired on a budget, they surprised me happily. when the mother of my children's minivan broke, they were able to rebuild the transmission in a hurry and the thing is still running strong after 65,000 miles. we didn't

I love this place! These guys do great work and are honest to boot. It is so hard to find good, honest, mechanics that will do the work right the first time. I have been using these guys for years and had a problem once when I strayed to another automotive place for repairs, but something was

Garry's Automotive is a fair and honest business. They are nice, clean, trustworthy, and very easy to work with. All my cars get repaired and maintained there. They do all kinds of repairs. I highly recommend Garry's Automotive!

The guys there were really nice but I'm not sure the service there was the best. I was getting my car tuned up and all the fluids checked before my big trip this last June. I made it a point to ask them about my tread depth and let them know that I would be going through Las Vegas and was worried

What a great place to get auto repairs. I own a Toyota Camary and had an engine problem that three other shops in Boise could not seem to repair. One of.

You guys are awesome! My isuzu rodeo has had its share of problems and we took it to a mechanic who kept our vehicle for over a week and ran our bill up to $600 without fixing the problem. We called Al's Car Care and they towed our vehicle and fixed it in 1 day for under $300. We will not take

Great thorough service! The customer service division (Rooster the dog) is very friendly. Did a great job on my car-I am pleased with the service-problem resolved, quick and efficient. After reporting a check engine light, they checked out my car and did not charge me anything because the fix

Bow Wow I love you so much and i hope you come to my home town soon love you bye baby boy i support you 100% all the way baby(A.K.A. future wife)

This is one of Boise Idaho's best shops. Don and his crew are honest and fair. They are well trained in their profession. You will be treated like family.

Jim and his crew are always straight up honest! We have been there several times and the service is professional and timely. You are always given options and they are flexible and _not_ a HARD SELL type of place - HIGHLY recommend! They have a smog car in front also - The older fella that runs

Dan is an absolutely great mechanic and one of the rare few who is honest and dependable. he charges a fair price and does top quality work!

Bought tires there when they were done I checked the tire pressure (when I got home) 40lbs 38 lbs 38 lbs 35 lbs Good work( in and out in less then 30 minutes, 8 AM) no follow up

Great place for car maintenance and reapir. They have been taking care of my vehicles for years. Their technicians do a great job on my late model GMC truck. Better than the dealer in my experience at a much better value. Highly recommend!