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I’ve used this shop for years and have always been treated well. Dexter has always been honest and straightforward about repairs needed.

This is a business led by good people with honesty, integrity, and concern for excellent customer service. They have very competent people in their shop, and just a great vibe overall. It's incredibly convenient for me because I drive by it every day on the way to and from my office, but I

So I have recently been to A&A for multiple things regarding my two Subarus, I have a 2009 Forester, and a 2014 STI. I can honestly say that the service I have received here has been great, from the front counter (Alex is awesome btw) to the technicians who completed my work. I need an oil

I have had great service from A&A. The counter staff has been very helpful and cheerful, even at 8am on a Saturday. I know my Dad has had great service from them as well on his MUCH older Subaru. I have nothing but good things to say about A&A.

Depending on who is working the desk that day, this may be the handiest auto parts supplier in town or possibly the worst. I have waited forever for help here and other times I got just what I needed just when I needed it. Bottom line: the service may vary but their prices are easily some of

I called from Oklahoma needed to get parts to winterize my Son's truck before the Army shipped it to him. They were more than helpful and didn't charge me extra just because I was out of town. When all the parts places here in Oklahoma told me they couln't get the part these people said no

One of the best quality shops in town by opinion. Melissa

All around great service,quick timeing,and you dont get the runaround that most repair shops give you and very fair prices,wish thir were more shops like this one.

Palmer Schucks is great. Robert and his crew are friedly and really work hard to find what you need and at the best price possible.

Best place to have a car worked on. They've been fixing my cars for several years now.


Excellant service! Knowledgable and friendly staff. My car is running great! Thank you!

Steve does a great job at a very fair price. Very skilled workers and excellent service.

Top Jimmy's is awesome! They do amazing work, with fair prices and great customer service. I've never had any problems with anything I've had done.

I loved the work acme auto glass did on my truck and now i bring all my vehicles there! thank you acme

Always nice and helpful. They offer 'classes' every month for new owners. Sales reps are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions one may.

This might be your place. The front-desk guys know their stuff, although they might be a bit moody. and, if you don't know your parts all that well, testy. On a recent trip to Dean's, I found just the part I needed (after calling ahead) but the lady in line behind me wasn't sure and she nearly

Wouldn't it be really helpful if you put your hours of operation on your listing or at least had an answering machine at the store number that gave that information? I think so.

As a new owner of a used Lexus, I was treated with a lot of respect. They took the time to explain what was needed, did no unasked for/unneeded repairs and washed my vehicle inside and out.

My car died on Eielson AFB, AK, I contacted them to get it towed to Fairbanks, AK, they told me it would take an hour and a half to get to me, it took just under an hour and it took the guy a few minutes to hook the car up and he was off to get my car fixed! I was very pleased with the service

I have used Block's several times and have consistently received excellent, timely service at a fair price.

I have taken my vehicles to AK Automotive for many years. I have never been treated so well before! They make sure that I am back on the road as soon as possible. I am a mother and I know that my vehicle is safe for my kids to ride in! Thanks guys and gals!

Although some people freak when they see $70 / hour shop time, it's worth it when your mechanic knows his business and the shop values its reputation. I've used Big O for many years and only once did I get what I considered work done that didn't need done. They are as straight-shooting and

Super knowledgable sales and service staff. I had a hard to fit tire size that nobody had so when I called these guys they had it. Wow, and it was a Bridgestone Blizzak studless winter tire and a great price. The staff at American Tire are the Original Tire Guys!

Best place to get an oil change or fix up your car.

The transmission valve on our Intrepid replaced this week. Only to find out it had been replaced with another bad valve. I requested a rental car and was denied. I would understand if I came in and had a choice on which valve was to be installed, but sadly I did not. I have been without a vehicle

Best service best employes best tires best company for your tires they take appointments for winter change over normal time less than 1 hour some time a little longer not much

They were wonderful, excellent customer service and they did a great job, me and my family use them.

I have a 1995 (it is now 2008) Plym. Voyager van that has been kept running for 164,000 miles thanks to the hard work of Midas Service Center on Northernlights. I have had brake work, O2 sensor, radiator, diagnostics, and more. They refer out for stuff like transmissions. They have always been

OK, these guys only work on Toyotas and Subarus. Lucky me, I own a Toyota. These guys are the best mechanics in town, but a bit spendy (you get what you pay for), and they're only open Mon-Thu. I guess when you're the best, you can make your own hours. Also, it takes a month to get your car

Arctic Import is competent, quick, friendly, and honest, and has never put me on hold or made me wait for service - a rare combination of qualities in an.

All services warrentied and deals for military.