As a professional team of car towing experts, we have decided to combine our knowledge of car towing, locksmith services, car maintenance, and others, into one all-inclusive service. Our motto here is that if we can fix a car problem ourselves, we would rather do it for you instead of having you wait for the garage to do so.

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  City Oklahoma City, OK
  Zip Code 73112
  Address 3128 Northwest Expy #227
  Phone Number (405) 259-5655

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Being certified providers of towing services allows us to grant you a full package of various roadside services, for a wide spectrum of needs and requirements on the road. We don`t only carry your vehicle from point A to B, but we also provide you with a gas filling service, dead battery jumpstart service, flat tire change, accident removal, dolly towing, and all kinds of different towing solutions, so you can get it all in one place.

We are fully aware of many towing service providers in the greater area of Oklahoma City, but what makes us unique is being able to provide you with the best service, in affordable prices and with a courteous demeanor. That is exactly what makes our customers 100% satisfied.

Dealing with towing and roadside assistance, our top priority is to maintain your safety and wellbeing at all times. The road is a hazardous place, and it’s best managed with the help of licensed and professional towing technicians, who are more than glad to provide excellent service to Oklahoma City`s local community.

Customer Testimonials

These guys do fantastic work! Helped us change a flat and did it quickly and perfectly! Thanks a lot, will definitely use again!

Needed a jump that turned into a tow. They still made it a great experience.

Came through when it was pouring rain. Awesome job!

Driver was able to calm us during our situation and took us 40 Mileage away great conversation. Thanks!

These guys are the best! I was stranded with a flat and warped lug nuts, and he helped me swap my tire! Absolutely professional and amazing help, thank you so much!

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From Our Website

Each and every one of us knows - owning a private vehicle automatically means owning automotive problems, which can come out of nowhere, right in the middle of the road, anytime. So what is the best way to cope with this daunting fact? That's right - have a reliable and professional towing service provider on your side to back you up. Need that special someone to do exactly that throughout Oklahoma City and its vicinity? Look no further, because here we are. Being a local towing service provider, we offer the important advantage of arriving fast and with minimum setbacks, as we are familiar with the area's road conditions and traffic.

Roadside malfunctions can vary from a small electric problem with the signal light, to a more serious problem like a dead engine. That is why when you hire a professional roadside assistance service provider, you need to be sure you have a quality company at your side. Sheridan Bros Towing maintains this kind of certified and reliable technical crew, who is able to get you out of any mess you find yourself in. You can count on us to tackle any number of roadside malfunctions with the help of well-trained technicians, who are equipped with the proper, high-end, up to date with the field's latest developing technology tools.