We are here to aid because we know that you depend on your vehicle and the thought of a major auto repair can be overwhelming to many especially during these tough economic times. You want the information needed to make the correct repair decision, save time & money while getting the most value from your vehicle, since most of us are keeping our vehicles longer.

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From Our Website

Transmissions are notorious for being misdiagnosed. With a track record like that, you're probably wondering who you can trust with your transmission repairs. Whenever you notice a performance issue-slipping out of gear, rough shifting, delayed acceleration, etc.-be proactive and bring your vehicle to a qualified repair shop-Croce's Transmission in Norwalk, CT-as soon as possible. Professional testing and an accurate diagnosis usually means you chose the right repair shop. Our first goal is to eliminate your worries and remove any hassle from the transmission repair process.

At Croce's Transmission Specialists in Norwalk, CT, we do more than work on cars, we take care of people. Our friendly and professional staff understands how vital a fully-functioning vehicle is to your daily routine. Who wants their vehicle stuck on the side of the road, in your garage, or even in a service bay? The goal is to get your vehicle safely back on the highway and keep you going to your next destination. Your vehicle is your ticket to freedom, and our qualified technicians keep you free as the open road.

The transmission repair process can be daunting, for those who are not specially trained and experienced in services for the transmission. The team at Croce's Transmission provides all the services for automatic or manual transmissions. Your vehicle will return to its original condition, if not better, with one of our transmission rebuild services. The first step in any transmission rebuild service is to make sure your vehicle actually needs a rebuild. Performance issues can be solved through a variety of transmission services when you have the specialists at Croce's Transmission on the job.

Keep your vehicle as safe as possible with one of our quality brake services. Since braking systems are meant to wear down and need brake repairs, all vehicle owners should keep an eye and an ear out for brake performance issues. Croce's Transmission in Norwalk, CT can perform a quick but thorough brake check that lets you know the true condition of your vehicle. The earliest warning signs of a brake repair need will be audible. A high-pitched squeal means that your brake pads have worn too thin.

Our top-quality shop maintains a team of experienced technicians. The key to your vehicle's performance and longevity is preventative maintenance. Our customers can avoid costly auto repairs, with an effective service plan. It's possible to prevent performance issues and major malfunctions. All we need is your concern description and your vehicle. Croce's Transmission in Norwalk, CT has been providing top-notch auto repairs and services to the Norwalk area since 1999. Relationships with our customers start as a partnership designed to keep you moving.

You're driving safely down the highway, and suddenly the little red light on your dashboard pops on. There's no need to panic, but your vehicle is telling you something about it's condition. Pay attention! Something's going wrong under the hood. Croce's Transmission Specialists in Norwalk, CT should be your next stop. Our ASE Certified techs use state-of-the-art testing equipment to perform top-of-the-line check engine light services. Drivers should recognize that there are two types of check engine lights alerts.