Callagy Automotive offers a complete range of domestic and imported car automotive repair services to the greater Santa Rosa and Sonoma County areas. Our auto shop has expertly trained and qualified service and technicians ready to offer every one of our customers in Santa Rosa nothing less than complete satisfaction each and every time you bring your car to our auto repair shop for service and repair.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Transmission, Diesel, Clutch, Differential and Driveline Repair.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Napa Auto Care

Serviced Areas

  • Sonoma County

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  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Dave Hug
  City Santa Rosa , CA
  Zip Code 95404
  Address 1008 South A St.
  Phone Number (707) 528-3181
  Fax (707) 545-7637

Business Representative

Dave Hug

Owner / Mechanic

Products & Services

Clutch Service & Repair

Clutch Service & Repair

Our company provides Santa Rosa with complete clutch repair services for both cars and trucks at our auto repair shop. We suggest checking the operating linkage of your clutch at our shop to help you avoid premature clutch failure and replacement.

Brake Repair

Brake Repair

We offer a complete range of auto repair services for all types of brake systems. Each our mechanic knows the importance of your understanding how the brake system in your vehicle plays a vital role in keeping you and your loved ones safe. The parts in the system aren't designed to for the life of your auto or truck, wearing down over time as you cruise the roads of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. The pads (aka shoes) are the most frequently provided repair we do. That's because each time you press your brake pedal the material making up the pad wears down against your vehicle's rotor.

When the pads are allowed to wear down longer than they should the metal surface underneath the pads will contact your brakes' drums (aka rotors) . This will not only result in an unsafe driving situation but will require additional repairs and increase your total repair cost.

Our mechanics are specialists in everything from rotor resurfacing to cylinder and pad replacement. Additionally we can address problems with Anti-Lock Brake Systems. Recommended automotive maintenance such as a flushing the brake fluid to remove air and moisture from brake lines and replacing the fluid can also be taken care of by Callagy Automotive & Smog when you bring your vehicle to our repair shop.

Suspension & Steering

Suspension & Steering

The mechanics of Callagy Automotive & Smog are professionally trained in the service, repair, and diagnosis of suspension and steering issues at our auto repair shop. If you believe you are having issues with your steering or suspension bring your vehicle to our shop and let one of our mechanics provide you with a thorough suspension system inspection and offer a variety of repair suggestions to keep your auto in its best performance condition.

Auto Engine Repair

Auto Engine Repair

The objective of our shop is to keep the engine in your vehicle in top performing condition. Our mechanics are professionally trained. From tune ups to overhauls, troubleshooting, timing adjustments, diesel and performance engine repair, engine rebuilds and replacements, Callagy Automotive & Smog does it all.

Auto Electrical System

Auto Electrical System

Callagy Automotive & Smog provices our customers with complete auto electrical system repair service. The mechanics at our auto repair shop in Santa Rosa realize the the technology for auto's electrical systems have become much more complicated than in years past. The electrical system in your auto controls a wide array of parts in your car or truck, to include wiring and circuits, starting and charging systems, windows and mirrors, dashboard instrumentation, lights, anti-lock brakes, and more. If you have problems with your vehicle starting and troubleshooting has eliminated the battery or starter being the problem then it may very well be the electrical system causing the problem in your auto. Our company uses the most modern diagnostic equipment to locate and fix your problem and get you back on the streets of Santa Rosa!

Battery Charging and Starting Systems

Battery Charging and Starting Systems

Callagy Automotive offers the complete service and repair of chargings systems in both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Our Santa Rosa shop mechanics belief that by educating our customers in understanding that the car battery, starting and charging systems play crucial parts in making certain the operation of your auto is dependable while driving in Santa Rosa. The car battery's purpose is to store electricity that is then converted into the mechanic force necessary to start the engine by the starter. The alternator in your auto produces the electrical current - originating from the car battery - that is required for the auto's electrical needs when running the engine. The ignition module in the auto turns the low voltage supply to the ignition coil off and on, which then is converted to the higher voltage required for the operation of the auto's ignition system. The electricity is used to engage the spark plugs that ignite the combined fuel/air mixture in the auto's engine's cylinders. This ignition is finally used to power the pistons to initiate the rest of the process of powering your auto.

There are various considerations that contribute to the wear and tear of a car battery, starting, and charging systems. For example the frequent turning on and off of your car will cause more wear and tear than your daily commute. Other factors affecting the wear and tear of the car battery, starting, and charging systems include the driving and weather conditions in Santa Rosa, overall mileage, an auto's age, and various automotive parts like in-vehicle entertainment systems causing an excessive draw on the electrical system.

The signs you may realize that indicate possible problems with your car battery, charging, and starting sytems include dimming headlights and interior lights, the "check engine" and/or battery lights, or failure of other car or truck accessories.

Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

The need to replace the different parts of the auto cooling system - including the water pump, thermostat, and radiator - are affected by a variety of differing factors. Factors including driving habits, operating conditions, the vehicle type and coolant that is used, and the frequency of scheduled maintenance services like changing the coolant. Possible problems with your auto's cooling system may include a "sweet smell", overheating, leaks, and the need to frequently add fluid.

Callagy Automotive provides a complete range of repair services for your cooling system for both foreign and domestic vehicles The staff of mechanics at our auto repair shop are professionally certified and trained to quickly diagnose cooling system problems and repair them at an affordable and reasonable price, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. Before performing any work on your vehicle we will provide a cost repair estimate so there will not be a suprise.

  • I would recommend this business

I have been taking my cars to Dave and John for more than 12 years. They are the very best at addressing any mechanical issue with my car. They are knowledgeable and super easy to talk with, which is nice when you are a woman handling your car issues. They are the best at describing what the issue is and what needs to be done. They are absolutely trustworthy and I never feel like I had work done that wasn't necessary. Additionally, a nice touch is they are great at checking all the little items like the bulb under the hood or a squeaky door hinge, small things but needed and without an extra fee. They are also wonderful at accommodating urgent timelines when needed.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Callagy is the best!!! Wouldn't think of taking my car to anyone else!

Fantastic mechanics who patiently take care of every automotive need. John Callagy has the expertise to problem solve any mechanical issue and the skill to correct it. Always confident when car needs attention at Callagy Auromotive.

As a customer since I moved to this area, I would describe the service and advise that I've received from John Callagy always was in extremely professional way, clear explanation and understandable about car's problems. He is extremely polite, courteous , honest, fair, fast, friendly ,and great service that he provide for his customers. Absolutely satisfied with service about my car and I definitely will take my car for any reason even if I just need his advise about my car's issues. I definitely recommend him.

Great customer service. Nice guys. Knowledgeable and fair prices. Been taking my vehicles to John for over 20 years.

I always feel I am getting great work at a price I feel is very fair. I will keep coming back forever and recommend them to my friends.

When I need repairs on my vehicles I can trust Callagy Automotive to fix me up. Furthermore, I appreciate having information on what needs repair next as a result of tire rotation. I will continue to work with this shop and recommend all my friends do the same.

I've referred friends & family to Callagy Automotive, I've only received positive responses after they've had their car serviced there. They are my go to for any repair or maintenance we need done on our cars.

The guys at Callagy Automotive are very professional, honest, and friendly. They do top-notch work for reasonable prices, and they are happy to answer questions, provide details about the work done, or warn you what might be needed in the future.I mean things like "Your brake pads are getting a little thin, but we'll just keep an eye on them at your next tuneup" and things like that. My wife and I have been taking our cars to John for more than 3 years, and never had a complaint about the work. They stand behind everything they do.

Sometimes we just get lucky. This happened to me some years ago when I found Callagy Automotive & Smog when needing a difficult smog inspection for an older classic automobile. John Callagy solved my problem and gave me some sound advice on how to avoid the problem in the future. Based on this service and advice I used Callagy Automotive for some additional repairs and service for my other cars.

I can honestly state that the service has always been four star and I have recommended Callagy to friends and family alike... with never a bad comment. They too continue as Callagy customers. Do yourself a favor and select Callagy Automotive the next time your car needs attention... you'll be glad you did.

Callagy Auto is #1in my book!! John has helped me and my family so many times with his excellent skills...even when we thought our car couldn't be fixed John figured out just what was wrong and got us back out on the road...he is amazing!! Strongly recommend him!!!

This place is excellent. Honest, friendly and VIP service. Makes you feel like a family friend from day one.
When my 15 year old Caravan car was on it's last legs, I took it here on referral from friends. They looked it over, the prognosis was poor, and the repairs would exceed the worth of the car. David was extremely sensitive and understood that I was losing a part of my family that day and handled it so kindly. On my FIRST VISIT.
I am eternally grateful to them. When I do pick out my next car, this is the ONLY place I will bring my vehicle. Definitely would trust and recommend them to anyone.

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