More than just Mufflers & Brakes! The Advance Muffler & Brake Company is an independent, family owned and run business committed to quality automotive service with a individual touch. It specializes in delivering 1st-rate service and repairs at reasonable prices for American and foreign vehicles: cars, light trucks, vans, 4WDs, and SUVs.

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  City Cambridge, MA
  Zip Code 02139
  Address 185 Broadway
  Phone Number (617) 354-0101

I read these reviews, and i was skeptical, because for all i knew, they were written by the owners of the company. NOPE! I had been to 4 different shops, including a dealership, about my problem, and Advanced Muffler took care of it. The dealership had said that MY Service Engine Light and the problems I was having pointed to a bad catalytic converter. They Quoted me $1000 to replace it. I called advanced muffler, and they told me to call the dealer and find out what they exact code was on the service engine light, because they didn't want to replace a catalytic converter if the dealer was lying to get money out of me and that wasn't the problem. I did, and Advanced muffler took me two hours later, I left my car there, and they replaced it for only $330. My car is in excellent shape now, and when I went to pay, I only had $300 and two $20 bills, and the owner told me to keep the $20 because he didnt' feel like getting change! So I saved another $10. Nice people, great service, and a good job. Highly recommended. They do all kinds of work, including A/C and oil changes and stuff- i would go to them for anything.