Tommy's is a AAA Approved full-service auto maintenance and repair center committed to delivering you with Carefree Car Ownership. Either way, you and your car will be treated so well; you'll feel like Tommy's is Your Car's Best Friend. When you bring your car into Tommy's for maintenance, you will receive friendly service and your car will receive professional care.

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  City Saint Petersburg, FL
  Zip Code 33713
  Address 2643 22nd Avenue North
  Phone Number (727) 323-1444

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Is your car running poorly? Is it hard to start? Does it hesitate on acceleration? Your car could need a tune-up. We will diagnose your cars air, fuel and ignition system to make sure it's performing at optimum capacity.

Brake Repair is one job you should only trust to a professional. Today's computerized braking systems require specialized tools and equipment in order to do the job properly. When you bring your vehicle in for brake service, we'll inspect the entire braking system to ensure proper brake function. We can test everything from the antilock computer system to the hydraulic brake parts. Don't take chances with your safety - a brake job is something you don't want to put off. Brakes aren't fun or pretty, but having them working properly is necessary.

Have you noticed pools or spots of slightly greenish fluid under your vehicle? Are strange noises coming from the air vents? If so, your water pump may be failing. If you've noticed any of these problems, or if you haven't kept up with routine maintenance, let us know. We'll check your vehicle's cooling system for trouble spots and let you know about any problems brewing under the hood. This may surprise you, but did you know antifreeze isn't always green? It can also show up as red, clear, blue, or purple.

Regular transmission fluid flushes reduce the chance a very costly repair will be needed and the chance of an unexpected breakdown. Heat is the nemesis of transmission fluid - it causes the fluid to oxidize reducing the lubrication capacity which accelerates the wear on internal components. Manufacturers have engineered methods that reduce heat, but this fluid still gets extremely hot every time you drive. Flushing every 30,000 miles is usually sufficient. A vehicle's driveline consists of components that convert engine rotation to power at the wheels.

We repair all makes and models of cars and trucks. Old or new, under-warranty or not, we have the tools and experience to repair your car and get you back on the road. Tommy's Auto Service is a AAA Approved Auto Service Center and our technicians are ASE Certified. We have been repairing cars and trucks in St. Petersburg, Florida for over 60 years with the goal of providing you with "Carefree Car Ownership." Florida heat can be tough on cars and drivers. Your car's engine is constantly generating heat which needs to be dissipated to prevent major problems.